Firms ready to invest in special cyber-security softwares: Study

Ensuring safety of financial transactions is becoming a priority for the firms, as many of them are willing to invest in a software specifically designed to protect financial details, says a survey by Russian cyber security solutions provider Kaspersky and B2B International.

Of the respondents, 53 per cent were willing to invest in a special software, it said.

The survey found out that one third — 33 per cent — of businesses which lost data in cyber-attacks admitted that payment data had been stolen, while 32 per cent felt this was the worst-possible kind of data to lose.

Safety of payment data and financial transactions is a high priority for businesses; 34 per cent of the respondents placed the protection of this information as among the top three IT management priorities for the coming year, and nearly half the respondents believed their company needed greater security for financial transactions.

Kaspersky recently discovered a fraud campaign targeting the clients of a large European bank, where customers’ financial data was stolen and more than half a million euros were stolen from accounts.

It said it is also important for businesses to think about multi-platform protection since 43 per cent of businesses claimed they conduct sensitive transactions on mobile devices.



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